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Every and then someone comes out with a phrase that is an epiphany to me. This time it is what Joe Chernov exclaimed when he said: You’ve gotta go through the eyes to get to the brain …and so the infographic was born. Through Joe’s blog, he has now created an updated version of the […]

Could it be summed up as ‘make it good, not crappy’? These were the wise words suggested to me by Dan Thornton when I mentioned this conference on twitter this morning. Web conference: 20 September, 1pm UK – Register Here However, in my opinion there are four fundamental pillars about content which I will discuss […]

Today, we’re excited to share with you two of Edelman’s latest innovations:   BlogLevel, and the “2.0 version” of TweetLevel, originally launched in 2009.  Both tools are designed to identify who is influential on a particular topic, in any language, on a designated platform.  TweetLevel finds the influentials on Twitter, and BlogLevel does the same in […]

It could be said Ed Keller and Jon Berry in writing The Influentials, discovered or at least articulated the importance of word of mouth.  They identified how one of humanity’s first forms of social influence—has become even more important and influential today for people making sense of the world. The thing about highly influential people […]

Guest post from David Murton A long-term search engine optimization (SEO) strategy will determine whether or not you attract Web visitors to your website. Your SEO strategy must involve a holistic approach for incorporating content, graphics, links and Web hosting. SEO must be a continual process – building upon success and removing failures. The most […]

On May 23rd I will be joined by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, together with some super minds as a speaker in the ‘Profiting from the New Web’ conference. The term Web 1.0 is applied retrospectively to a Web of documents and ecommerce. The term Web 2.0 has come to describe […]

There is a great misunderstanding that just because someone is popular it makes them influential. This couldn’t be further from the truth on Twitter. When it comes down to making sure your message is heard and ensuring that it spreads amongst your target audience, you have to engage with the right people at the right […]

  Last week I was joined by Jeremiah Owyang, Carter Lusher and Barbara French for a very lively and sometimes contentious discussion on how social media has affected the analyst industry. There’s some great advice in this podcast for AR pros and analysts alike. Social media is not an end in itself. If conversations are […]

Edit (23 July 2010) – updated with extra 150 names – only showing top 1,000 Who are the analysts who use Twitter the most effectively? In my regular call for analysts to be more competitive with each other in this mock top trumps scenario, it easy to forget that I don’t care who is number […]

Guest post by Alyssa Gilmore, Director of Analyst Relations, SunGard Financial Systems The rise of social networks for professional publicity purposes presents influencers—including industry analysts—with a new brand challenge. In a virtual world aflame with big ideas and big names, how do you get your light to shine? Several of the industry analysts I work […]


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