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Last week, I blogged about “what makes a tier 1 analyst house?” following Armadgeddon’s dismissive views of Canalys. This original article provided the catalyst for some quite thought provoking debate from Dom and Duncan. Personally I think I got the title wrong on my original piece as the focus should instead concentrate on the influence […]

Gartner produced some interesting research around the hype regarding how companies should participate in virtual worlds such as Second Life and Habbo. First Law: Virtual worlds are not games, but neither are they a parallel universe (yet). The initial reaction of many business leaders when faced with virtual worlds is to dismiss them as a […]

Forrester Research in their recent Social Technographics report has hit the nail on the head in helping to explain how companies should approach social computing. Charlene Li in her blog explained some of the key points: Many companies approach social computing as a list of technologies to be deployed as needed – a blog here, […]

What impact do analysts have on a companies bottom line? According to the 8th annual Edelman Trust Barometer report published earlier this year – the answer is extremely high. The research shows that global opinion leaders rank industry analyst reports as the most trusted source of information about a company, above articles in business magazines. […]

Kudos to Westcott for picking this story up – it looks as though a mole has the inside story on when Blair will be leaving. This prompted a mini-discussion between us which reminded me of my playground arguements around who would win in a fight – superman or spiderman. The topic this time was: who […]

Robert Scoble made a great post last week on his blog that really got me thinking. He explained that he first heard about Mexico City’s earthquake yesterday on Twitter – a good 6 minutes before USGS (the official earthquake monitoring site) and Google News started reporting it. What makes this interesting is the way that […]

ARmadgeddon went on the offensive today mocking Canalys self-promoted PR calling themselves a tier 1 analyst house. This has caused some understandable rantings as to whether they indeed fall into this top drawer. How are tierings evaluated? Is it as Armadgeddon suggest by revenue per analyst/consultant? Personally I think you have to look at the […]