What makes a tier 1 analyst house?


ARmadgeddon went on the offensive today mocking Canalys self-promoted PR calling themselves a tier 1 analyst house.

This has caused some understandable rantings as to whether they indeed fall into this top drawer. How are tierings evaluated? Is it as Armadgeddon suggest by revenue per analyst/consultant?

Personally I think you have to look at the analyst and measure their influence.

The sole reason why an analyst is important is that people take their views seriously. My subjective view is that any analyst that has a strong enterprise (like Gartner) or media (like RedMonk, Quocirca) influence is a tier 1 analyst regardless of where they are working.

Now that Geoff Blaber has joined CCS Insight does that make him less influential? Will he have thrown away his contact book?

It is time to stop looking at the analyst house and instead look at the analyst. Best practice analyst relations focuses on bespoke programmes for individuals and does not throw everyone into the same bucket.


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5 Responses to “What makes a tier 1 analyst house?”

  1. “It is time to stop looking at the analyst house and instead look at the analyst.” Spot on.

    It’s good to see that so many of us agree, yet I expect we all know companies that ignore this advice. I threw my personal twopenneth into the pot here: http://blogs.hillandknowlton.com/blogs/arcade/archive/2007/02/09/Perspectives_on_a_new_AR_blog.aspx

    I look forward to reading your thoughts on Technobabble 2.0, Jonny.

  2. Hi Jonny,

    The analyst firm is an important amplifier of individual analysts. Analysts at large firms do become less influential after they set up independently, for example. Furthermore, in B2B markets, analysts’ comments in the media may have little impact on buyers. As a result, it would be disorienting for most tech vendors to place analysts in the top tier on the basis of media profile alone.

    On the other hand, Armadgeddon is/are wrong because of Canalys’ focus. It’s not competing with Gartner, with with Gartner’s analysis of channel strategies and mobility. In that niche, it’s a key player.

    Good luck with the blog,


  3. 3 aronaut

    We merely mocked Canalys’ overhyped marketing but the conversation is nevertheless interesting.

    We have seen analysts leaving firms and plunging into the unknown as independents, so would be inclined to agree with Duncan.

    On the other hand, there are some great and influencial analysts that go beyond their firms, so we also agree with Dominic.

  4. 4 Jonny

    thanks aronaut

    Nothing like hedging your bets and agreeing with everyone.

    I would state though that the arguement did move forward into ‘what makes a tier 1 analyst’ as the whole point was its the individual that makes the difference.

  1. 1 What makes a tier 1 analyst? « Technobabble 2.0

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