Changing times – twitter reports first


Mexico earthquakeRobert Scoble made a great post last week on his blog that really got me thinking.

He explained that he first heard about Mexico City’s earthquake yesterday on Twitter – a good 6 minutes before USGS (the official earthquake monitoring site) and Google News started reporting it.

What makes this interesting is the way that new forms of communication that cross geographies and create communities like never before are revolutionising the norm for the way that people find out about news. Where people historically were glued to CNN I wonder whether the future will see us having one eye looking at Twitter? Indeed who knows whether individual twitter communities will form where they can say what’s going on purely in their space – now, that gives me a nice business idea…

As an extra tip, you may want to start using Twitterment which is a nice little tool to see what people are currently twittering about – think of it like blogpulse but for twitter.


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