Analysts are the most trusted


What impact do analysts have on a companies bottom line?

According to the 8th annual Edelman Trust Barometer report published earlier this year – the answer is extremely high.

The research shows that global opinion leaders rank industry analyst reports as the most trusted source of information about a company, above articles in business magazines.

Analysts are the most trusted

In 14 countries, analysts present the most credible or second-most credible source of information about a company.

In the UK, analyst reports rank the highest (58%) for the first time since the survey began.

The Trust Barometer survey also showed Technology to be the most trusted sector across the globe (78% in the developed world and 73% in the developing world).

With an effective AR programme as part of a company’s wider communications strategy, it is possible to dramatically impact the bottom line. I know of some companies who receive 25 requests a week from the field as a direct result of analyst relations.

As analysts can have a direct impact on sales, AR’s goal is to move vendors’ programmes from simple one-way communication to a more collaborative approach. This move is designed to maximise analysts’ understanding of enterprises and, ultimately, to position them as advocates.

The findings from this research prove once again that that analyst relations should be an integral part of a vendors marketing programme.

As to how much a company should spend on it – the question should be turned around. How much would a company pay for the (perceived) world’s most trusted expert recommending them?


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