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Last month I wrote about Forrester’s approach to social computing. To reiterate, Forrester classify people in 6 different ways depending upon how they use technology. These are: Creators Critics Collectors Joiners Spectators Inactives What made me highlight this post again, was after reading Twitter’s take on this. They believe there are 4 types of twitter […]

  My DERTy colleagues first brought Surface to my attention this morning. However, I thought I would also highlight Jupiter’s take on it which is pretty good. Thanks to Larry Larsen for publishing the video which you can also download   Fun bits aside – what does Jupiter have to say (I have liberally taken quite […]

Sometimes I believe that analyst houses create new terminology for the sole purpose of obfuscating their customers in the hope that this will generate new income. Today’s new buzz-phrase is: ‘Digital Free-Agency’ – as coined by Gartner today. In case you were wondering this describes: how people are blending professional and personal computing requirements in […]

AR has moved a long way in the past few years. Previously vendors would be jumping with delight when they shifted their AR outreach from briefings at (or after) the event to a few weeks before. This in itself was a great move, as a company’s messaging had a chance to be refined before it […]

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Please subscribe to my feedburner feed so my stats make sense. For those interested, I have just changed my feed from WordPress to Feedburner. You can do this by clicking here On a related note, I have now been blogging for one month and have just broken 2,000 page visits (excluding my own) with 19 […]

Fortune reported on Sunday how Microsoft is considering enforcing up to 255 of its patents that are part of Linux. They believe that the reason that Linux is of such high quality is because Microsoft have invested so much time and money innovating and creating software that users can benefit from. Gary Barnett from Ovum […]

Highest twitter


Justin Westcott set out earlier this month to help Rod Baber make the highest mobile call ever from a Motorola phone. Whilst this is in itself extremely cool, I think in the progress Justin has managed to break a record of his own as he has been twittering from base camp. Wonder whether anyone else […]

Great meeting yesterday at the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) where Forrester came to share with us their ‘strategy and value proposition, products and positioning, and plans for 2007‘ – and they did all this in just over an hour! I was interested to hear what they had to say because in the couple […]

After the initial excitement has died down, it’s a bit easier to reflect and analyse just how good… or bad the acquisition is. I will explain my view at the end, but to get the ball rolling this is what everyone else thinks: ARmadgeddon and Barbara believe that this move puts Informa more as a […]

Edit – see link for further analysis Huge news today in the analyst world. Informa have just announced they are buying Datamonitor (which of course means they are getting a great package deal as Ovum and Butler – amongst other are also in the bag). I have discussed previously how Datamonitor’s shrewd purchase of Ovum […]