Web 2.0 makes up 12% of web traffic


Interesting research from Hitwise that BusinessWeeks’s blog picked-up that showed that web 2.0 sites are growing and account for 12% of web traffic.

Web 2.0 Traffic

Earlier, I discussed the Forrester research that explained how only 13% of internet users create content for the web and that the secret for companies seeking to engage customers is to understand how their audience uses the web (create, critic, spectate etc) and then create bespoke programmes for them.

Taking these bits of research together it becomes very clear that the trend is firmly in the path of dynamic/web 2.0 Internet pages. Even though only a very small percentage of people are creating content, viewers are far more likely to go to these sites. It wouldn’t surprise me to see far more companies using sites such as YouTube, Flickr and Wikipedia to sell their wares. I only hope they don’t do this too overtly as this is sure to give them a negative reaction.

 Here’s a link to the PDF of a full presentation. Download


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