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Justin Westcott set out earlier this month to help Rod Baber make the highest mobile call ever from a Motorola phone. Whilst this is in itself extremely cool, I think in the progress Justin has managed to break a record of his own as he has been twittering from base camp.

Wonder whether anyone else has sent a twitter from 5,200m? Still this is a damn site quicker than sending a post card.

In case anyone wants to keep track of his exploits – you can read his blog or his twitter updates.

Update: Justin is off to advanced base camp today so could be twittering at 6,400m.

Disclaimer: Motorola is a client 

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2 Responses to “Highest twitter”

  1. 1 Bruno

    Impressive achievement, twittering from such an altitude. Just one remark. Justin’s Twitter account is private, so it does not make sense to point to it.

  2. 2 Jonny

    Bruno, Justin has now turned off the privacy setting so you should be able to see his posts.

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