Jupiter – first take on Microsoft “Surface”


 Microsoft Surfacing Computing!
My DERTy colleagues first brought Surface to my attention this morning. However, I thought I would also highlight Jupiter’s take on it which is pretty good.

Thanks to Larry Larsen for publishing the video which you can also download WMV 

Fun bits aside – what does Jupiter have to say (I have liberally taken quite a lot from Michael Gartenberg excellent observations):

  • Surface is a Windows PC inside a table with a 30″ touchscreen on top.
  • Innovation is alive and well in Redmond.
  • Shows the market in a clear and concrete way that they still know how to ship things.
  • Shows that Microsoft is getting good at figuring out markets.
  • Surface computing technology was initially shown in a consumer device for games – by re-targeting the market and keeping control over the hardware and software they have delivered a cool product that’s easy for the first customers to understand, implement and most importantly, use it to make money.
  • This product is cost effective and will be consumer ready.
  • By leveraging their expertise in software, Microsoft is able to take the concept of personal computing to the next level.
  • Surface changes the way people can interact with a computer and offers a very compelling vision of the future.

Personally I am in awe of this – could this be the next big thing? I for one, can’t wait to get hold of my own version.


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