Next IIAR meeting – July 26: time for Yankee to prove its worth


Recent meetings of the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) have seen representatives from Forrester, Gartner and RedMonk explain how they can help vendors and enterprises alike succeed in an increasingly competitive IT environment where margins are stretched and innovation doesn’t always bring success.

This time Camille Mendler, Vice President for the Yankee Group, and Ajay Sule, Senior Regional Vice President for the Yankee Group, will be presenting their views. I like Yankee Group – they have a tendency to hire some great young minds, but because of this, they have a perception that they lack practical industry knowledge.

Dom refers to several anonymous commentators and a journalist who question whether Yankee have retreated too far to the States and offer precious little in EMEA.

At the meeting, I am looking to see how they address these concerns and how they intend to stay competitive in a world where analyst acquisitions are coming common place.

The July forum will start at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday July 26 at Hill & Knowlton’s London office.

The regular IIAR meetings are a fantastic forum for AR professionals to learn and share best practice. If you want to know more or attend this meeting, contact me or Hannah Kirkman who will help you out.

(Edit: slight change to above as per Dom’s comment below.)

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3 Responses to “Next IIAR meeting – July 26: time for Yankee to prove its worth”

  1. For clarification, I didn’t say that YG have retreated anywhere. Rather, that’s the opinion of at least one UK journalist and a couple of anonymous commenters, which I referenced on my blog entry.

    I have personally only good things to say about my interactions with YG, both as a subscribing client and when dealing with their analysts on behalf of clients.

    The fact that some folk are unaware of their European capabilities does mean that they could do with explaining these, however, and the IIAR meeting strikes me as a useful opportunity…

  2. 2 Jonny

    Thanks Dom for the clarification – I will amend the post accordingly.

    The main issue is still true – and that is perception. If the perception is out there that Yankee don’t have a geat offering in Europe and are focusing on the US, then they must address these concerns.

  3. Yankee who?

    Seriously, did anyone come across them recently?

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