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The world of social media is growing at huge pace. As this happens, it is only natural that people try to break it down to understand how it works. The three diagrams below are great examples of this. The first shows the world map of social networks The second one shows a map of online […]

The dynamic world of social media is fascinating me at the moment. It seems that not a day goes by without a new entrant to the market, a debate regarding whether x is better than y or a huge discussion trying to sort out a way of calculating who is really important in the online world.        It […]

James Governor  leads the UK contingent of analysts that blog and throws himself into the open source arena using a huge number of social media tools to explain his thoughts. Continuing the ‘8 questions’ series, James gives some candid views as to what he thinks is important. 1. Why do you blog? To get my […]

Traditionally, an individual’s web influence was measured by the success of their blog. In its simplest form this was done by counting how many people subscribed and linked to it. However, in today’s Web 2.0 world, this is no longer a credible metric as people are currently using a variety of different social media tools […]

Continuing the ‘8 questions‘ series, Charlene Li, who came top in the recent top 50 analyst bloggers league table with Josh Bernoff in their Groundswell blog has let me know her thoughts. As a blogger supremo this shows great insight into new media. Full Q&A below… 1. Why do you blog? 1) Because I want to be part […]

Pownce invite


I have received an invite from expert PR blogger, Drew B to be part of the Alpha testing phase of Pownce, the competitor to Twitter and Jaiku. I have also got a few invites to give away, so if you want to check it out, leave a message below. Personally, I am very interested in […]

I have spoken in the past about Jonathan Hargreave’s thoughts around society 2.0. After many internal discussions, Jonathan has taken the leap and started a new blog – in his first post he believes that society 2.0 has become a bunch of critics. Often what I like about a blog is the discussion and comments that […]

In the recent top 50 analyst bloggers league table, Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li of Forrester recently topped the charts with their Groundswell blog. Personally, I like to understand what makes him tick – which is why I sent him a little questionnaire to find out a little bit more. Full Q&A below… (Note: Josh […]