8 questions to… Josh Bernoff, Forrester


In the recent top 50 analyst bloggers league table, Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li of Forrester recently topped the charts with their Groundswell blog.

Personally, I like to understand what makes him tick – which is why I sent him a little questionnaire to find out a little bit more. Full Q&A below…

(Note: Josh points out that even though Charlene and himself are quite compatible and share a blog, they are in fact two separate people and therefore his answers are all his own.)

1. Why do you blog?

Being an analyst is about doing research, gaining insight, and sharing it. Being an analyst who blogs is the same only faster, shorter, and with more feedback. Frankly, I love that.

2. Do you think blogging will be just as important in a years time, 5 years or 10 years?

This is like asking in 1994 “Do you think the Internet will be important?” Sure, blogging will be important. But it will be so common, and available in so many different flavors, that people won’t talk about blogging.

People who don’t blog AT ALL, even in a minimal way, will be like people now without cell phones – you’ll wonder why.

3. What is your favourite blog post you have written?

Which one of my children do I like best? Oh, come on. They’re all so different. Here are some good ones:
Best writing

4. What is your favourite blog post you have read?

Now that’s like asking which is my favorite piece of popcorn of all the ones I’ve eaten.

I love Seth Godin’s whole blog because every single post is thought-provoking and right on the money. And it rarely is about news, which means it’s highly original. I am in awe. Even though he doesn’t allow comments.

One of my favorite single posts was the Streisand Effect on Techdirt just because it was so prescient.

5. How many hours a week do you spend blogging?

Highly variable, but about 2 hours on average. Thinking about things I could blog, 60 hours.

6. What other new media sites do you participate in? (list includes Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Plaxo, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Wiki)

I use all of these except Twitter and Plaxo. I use del.icio.us religiously. I use Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and a Wiki regularly.

For more details see 7 Ways the web makes writing a book better & faster 

7. List your 3 favourite blog sites you read regularly

Seth Godin’s blog
Church of the Customer blog
Micro Persuasion

8. What would you blogging epitaph be?

Bloggers die, but blogs live forever.

Many thanks to Josh for agreeing to participate – excellent answers and I am sure your epitaph will stay with you.

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2 Responses to “8 questions to… Josh Bernoff, Forrester”

  1. Josh,

    When you have 30 people in a meeting, a general rule is that only 7-10 do speak. Blogging is the same, it’s only that the analyst community is peculiar in the way that they ALWAYS have an opinon!

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