Cold coffee and society 2.0


Cold CoffeeI have spoken in the past about Jonathan Hargreave’s thoughts around society 2.0. After many internal discussions, Jonathan has taken the leap and started a new blog – in his first post he believes that society 2.0 has become a bunch of critics.

Often what I like about a blog is the discussion and comments that go along with a post – this is when I find you can really get to the crux of a debate. In this post, comments were plentiful. One of these, by Peter Kirwan, particularly sparked my interest when he explained that Society 2.0 brings:

Theoretically more rapid discussion of problems, leading to rapid prototyping of new policies (in politics) and products (in business).

Personally this scares the hell out of me. I am worried that this instant vocal opinion creates an environment where there is a knee-jerk creation of policies based upon reactive thinking. Are people really analysing the problem at hand and giving it good thought before coming to a conclusion or are they just jumping on a bandwagon because it is more important to be heard first rather than to have a late but learned opinion.

Perhaps that’s the problem – historically the natural way that media was created allowed opinion to formulated over a short period of time before it hit the public domain. In today’s 2.0 world – opinion has to happen instantly. This has innevitably created a loud ‘hysterical’ voice that any number of people can contribute to – and as a result maybe the wrong policies are prioritised by businesses and politicians.

I doubt Jonathan will be posting several times a day (or week for that matter) but I am certain that each one of his posts will provoke a great deal of debate.

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