Google and Yahoo enter social media with Socialstream and Mosh


The dynamic world of social media is fascinating me at the moment. It seems that not a day goes by without a new entrant to the market, a debate regarding whether x is better than y or a huge discussion trying to sort out a way of calculating who is really important in the online world.


It is little surprise then, that both Google and Yahoo have created (but not yet launched) their own versions.

The Social Networking Weblog has a great summary which I have copied below:

Google’s is called Socialstream and it proves to be different from all the rest in that you can combine all the information from all your other social networking sites all in one place. Also add the information from your blogs and photo sharing sites. All your information will be tied to you, not the site your information came from. Socialstream is not live yet, but you can still see a screen shot.

Yahoo is calling their social networking project Yahoo! Mosh but they’re not letting anyone outside the company access it just yet. Even though Yahoo! Mosh is a big secret you can still see a screen shot of what the site looks like.

I am concerned that these companies may have missed the window of opportunity – even with their massive footprint… and marketing spend. However, users are a fickle bunch and happily drop one tool for another if there is enough traction in the market (see how Facebook is about to exceed MySpace in UK visits).

In a call today my colleague Simon Collister explained that we live in a world of perpetual beta. Maybe today’s user will happily accept new social media tools – or maybe like me they believe there are only so many tools someone can use (even if they are consolidated).

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6 Responses to “Google and Yahoo enter social media with Socialstream and Mosh”

  1. Not sure the window of opportunity has even opened more than a bit to date are you? And there are major drawbacks with Facebook and MySpace and the others so why not more. Gmail took off after Hotmail (or was it the other way around?) and the idea of some sort of meta-social site has got to be a hit if it can be made to work.

  2. It will be interesting to see what Google and Yahoo come out with. Google seems to have it’s fingers into everything. An industry by itself!

  3. Just to clarify what is meant by perpetual beta… the tools themselves never get ‘finished’. They remain in a constant state of flux with improvements and developments happening as people use them.

  4. I have been following the posts on social media but have to ask if the influence on PR activities is as great in Europe and other locations as it is in the U.S. I just gave a lecture in Israel, which is usually in the mainstream of Hi-Tech activities, yet found that blogging and social media networks are not yet considered a mainstream activity. I have also been told by some European PR colleagues of mine that they do not yet see bloggers as a major source of influence in the PR world.
    Does anyone have information on the European PR scene and the influence of online media and networks as opposed to the U.S?

  5. 5 Jonny

    Nancy – I think you are in a fortunate position as you can benefit from seeing the trends emerge as to how social media will progress through different geographies. I firmly believe it is not a question of whether bloggers will be a major source of influence but rather when and perhaps in what format (will it be through blogging or new emergent media like Twitter or Facebook).

  1. 1 University Update - Yahoo - Google and Yahoo enter social media with Socialstream and Mosh

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