Analyst blogs and security


There is a great email discussion going on at present that Barbara French has initiated as she tries to update her analyst blog directory – a great tool to which I used as a reference point for creating the top 50 analyst bloggers league table.

Amongst the issues discussed is:

1) What constitutes a blog

2) What constitutes an analyst blog

Simple questions you think that would normally not take more than a few seconds to answer. However, I suppose when you ask an analyst for their opinion you get it… by the plenty. Not that I am complaining – I have seen a great insight into the best analyst minds regarding this platform. I will not ruin Barbara’s post and tell you what has been said but I would encourage all of you to keep tabs on her post as I am sure it will be an illuminating read.

This discussion did make me think about blog security. Many companies have decided to create their own wiki’s or internal blogs to share intelligence and thoughts. You would think that security would be at the forefront of their minds – it beggars belief therefore that I was able to stumble upon one of these and read what they were thinking.

To keep their secrets safe, I will keep their name hidden but I would like to share with you one of their posts which I found incredibly ironic…

After dealing with some security issues — The XXXXX Blog is back online.

The security issue was …

Our blog’s URL is ostensibly open to the public — that is, it can be hit by people outside of our organization. However, we use some clever security measures to make sure that the blog can only be viewed from within the XXXXX. We had some problems because there were a few backdoor scripts that were not protected in this manner that left some of the blog content unsecured.

This all has been fixed.

So Blog away.

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