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In June I published a list of the top 50 analyst bloggers – after quite a bit of research I have now updated this table which will be published on Monday. This new version will take into account new analyst hires and firms as well as a tweaked methodology. Many thanks to Tekrati for providing […]

Carter Lusher already has a well known following in the world of blogs – thanks to his Food Notebook and well thought out commentary on Armadgeddon. Now though, Carter has taken then next obvious step and setup HP’s AR blog. In his mail to me this morning, Carter promises it will discuss: how best to work […]

Hey! nielsen launches today in what I believe is a significant step in the right direction to help answer the elusive question regarding how someone should use their most scarce resource – i.e. time. This service allows people to share opinions on all mainstream media and will provide a score by analysing the opinions, comments, and […]

A few months ago I suggested that the current way of identifying online influencers is fundamentally flawed. I believe that any system that solely looks at blogs as a way of creating a tier 1 list in today’s world is outdated. Many would agree that there are a myriad of multiple social media platforms (such […]

One of my biggest moans in recent years is at vendors who spend a fortune subscribing to different analyst houses and then never use these services as a market intelligence tool. The reason why? It takes too long. A few enterprising companies have noticed this and launched their own applications to take the time-burden out of search. First on the […]