Hey! nielsen… opinion counts


hey nielsen logoHey! nielsen launches today in what I believe is a significant step in the right direction to help answer the elusive question regarding how someone should use their most scarce resource – i.e. time.

This service allows people to share opinions on all mainstream media and will provide a score by analysing the opinions, comments, and ratings users have provided to the respective brand. Like Digg – it is hoped that people will use the scorecard system to help them prioritise what they should be doing.

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Mashable points out that that the site is being provided by Billboard and Hollywood Report, two of the most influential publications in music and film. Thus, the value proposition for users is that your opinion is potentially being read by the people who make decisions at your favorite record labels, movie studios, and Web sites. Overall, it’s an impressive effort with a fairly unique angle.

The site also adds social elements such as member profiles that keep track of the opinions a user has shared in the respective categories. There are also widgets for sharing your activities and ratings from Hey! nielsen on your other social networking profiles and blogs.

What really excites me about this site is very similar what I like about Digg when they moved the goal posts by asking users to vote for sites they believed were worthy of a read.

What Hey! nielsen have done is amend the rules again by asking for opinion.

Opinion is what counts in today’s 2.0 world. Getting the news is the easy part – opinion is the current currency of the web. When it is valued it becomes a valuable commodity and helps to answer what Max Kalehoff queried in his recent post when he asked ‘what is influence’? 

This ‘valued opinion’ is what Hey! nielsen is targeting – they have realised that not everyone is going to be a huge blogger but that does not mean that someone cannot make a name for themselves by becoming a trusted advisor.

I look forward to seeing how much traction this service gets but my first thoughts are quite promising.

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