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The issue of blogger anonymity has been seen in a variety of different ways. Some hold the view that only through invisible blogs can real opinion be shared – others believe that hiding behind a pseudonym is wrong and that the author’s name should be known. The Worlds Leading, Armadgeddon and Fake Steve Jobs (until recently) […]


Over the past few months I have become a Twitter fan. There’s something about limiting yourself to 160 characters that fundamentally changes the way you communicate. Ironically it’s not the recent use of Twitter that acted as the catalyst to this post but rather reading an exceptional white paper written by mobile guru Will Harris (Nokia UK […]

Jonny kindly invited me to contribute to his blog and after many hesitations I thought it would be a great platform to talk about the IIAR‘s progress. It has been a fun couple of years and I feel we have made immense progress. Personally, it has been really enriching to meet, exchange, collaborate and build […]

‘Ruby’ makes a great post today when she discussed what happened at the Edelman’s recent PR 2.0 Summit. One of the areas she focused on was the demise of the cult, specifically: …it’s increasingly difficult to be different, hidden or secret when we share so much information so often …‘no true underground exists anymore’ … […]

Will from Edelman’s DERT team sent me a cool link today that helps visualize the network of connectivity between web sites. This service from TouchGraph uses Google’s database of related sites to help map this. Whereas it is always interesting (and dare I say it – slightly narcissistic) to use it for your own site – as […]

The Google blog today has made a surprising announcement in that they are acquiring Twitter competitor Jaiku. In my opinion this is a good move for Google and further proof that the largest software vendors are taking social media more seriously than ever. FactoryCity has a great post explaining why Google bought them – the […]

Massimo Pezzini from Gartner recently commented about what makes a successful vendor briefing: There’s no better way to communicate that your product is delivering its intended business benefits than telling a story of a successful implementation. I like to remind vendors just how powerful this technique can be. This was a message that my previous boss, Steve […]

This league table is a global ranking of the top 100 analyst blogs. This method of communication has increasingly been used with great effect by the analyst community to engage in conversations. According to Tekrati there are approximately 225 analyst blogs – some have taken this form of communication as their main public output method, others […]