Guest blog: Ludovic Leforestier on the institute of industry analyst relations


Jonny kindly invited me to contribute to his blog and after many hesitations I thought it would be a great platform to talk about the IIAR‘s progress. It has been a fun couple of years and I feel we have made immense progress. Personally, it has been really enriching to meet, exchange, collaborate and build something we feel is useful with my peers in analyst relations, in agencies, IT and telco firms.

We have gone quite a long way from the first meetings set up by Pam, Paula, Gill, Sam and Duncan.  Those AR clubs were informal and proved to be really valuable to compare notes between peers – as doing analyst relations in Europe can sometimes feel a little lonely -there is in fact not a lot of people doing that job and it’s a quite specific function in a company so few vendors have large teams, or teams at all. We decided to move to a more formal organisation, and membership grew to over 50 members under the first board.

The idea however is that the board is purely there to take care of the administrative aspects and the bulk of the work is done by the working committees, currently covering Ethics, IIAR Promotion, Analyst Firms Relations, etc…

So far we had great sessions where Gartner, Datamonitor, Yankee, IDC came to update us on the strategy. It has been proving really useful to be briefed by them on their roadmaps and to have an open conversation in the room -at times very candid. Gartner in particular was quite keen to use the IIAR as a channel to test ideas and discuss issues, which we feel really good about.

We have a lot of ideas to keep moving the IIAR forward, strengthen ties with our German cousin the DARA and maybe with the SPAR, the Inner Circle or any other group in the US. I’d like to have your views if you’re working for an analyst firm or are in analyst relations (or else!) on what we should or could do to further promote the analyst relations function and the ICT analysis industry as a whole. Just fire away in the comments below or send an email to lleforestier at analystrelations dot org.

PS: I started to thank everyone for their contributions but this post was over a page long, so greetings to all and apologies for those I omitted.

DISCLAIMER: I am writing this as one of the five members of the IIAR board and not as an Oracle employee: the above views are only my own humble personal opinion and does not reflect those of employer in any shape or form.

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3 Responses to “Guest blog: Ludovic Leforestier on the institute of industry analyst relations”

  1. Nice post Ludo. Good to see you coming out 🙂

    I get updates on the work of the IIAR sometimes from various members, and the forum sounds very solid and objective from what I have heard.

    If there is any way us little guys can provide input, just let us know. There are a lot of really experienced analysts working as independents or in smaller firms that are ‘corporate aware’ but often have a different perspective.

    And turning this on its head, do you think the IIAR will ever share some of its output and conclusions with the broader analyst community beyond the bigger analyst firms? I would personally be very interested in what the Ethics working committe comes up with, for example.


    BTW – for those following the social media debate, I was alerted to Ludo’s post via Twitter 🙂

  2. Hi Dale,

    I had no idea I was on twitter -how did that happen?
    Anyway, one of the outcomes of the recent survey is that people would like to see Freeform Dynamics. We could discuss your suggestions next Thursday?

    On sharing, it’s a good idea -one of the goals of the IIAR is to contribute to the industry. I’ll ask for this topic to be put on the agenda of the next board call and as a suggestion to the ethics commitee led by Marius Joost from HFN.

  3. Ludovic – that was me. I use Twitter regularly and explained that you had just published a post about the IIAR.

    Admittedly Twitter is more about testing ideas rather than promoting a blog but I thought folks out there may want to know.


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