What’s your QDOS? (aka online presence)



In my continuing hunt to understand online presence and influence I have been alerted to a new beta site called QDOS that believes it has a means of measuring and therefore managing the way we look online.

According to the website someone’s QDOS (kudos) score is calculated on three different variables:

Who you know and the extent of your online network.

How much people listen to what you say online.

What you do online e.g. shop, chat, blog.

How easy you are to find online according to your name, your age etc

Currently this is only available for UK adults but I hope they roll this out across to more regions. The methodology of this is pretty vague and my results were skewed depending on whether I was ‘Jonny’ or ‘Jonathon’ and whether I listed my work or home address.

Nevertheless, random poles in our office seemed to demonstrate that those who had a bigger online presence (through blogs, forums, twitter etc) had a higher score than those who didn’t. One strange result was that my colleague who sits opposite me has a similar score to me and yet doesn’t communicate online at all. Hmmmm.

The brains behind this is the Garlik (online identity experts) who founded the Internet bank Egg, so even though I don’t know what the secret source is, I am sure that there is some pretty robust mathematics included.

I will keep track of this site – it certainly addresses some of the arguments I have previously raised.


4 Responses to “What’s your QDOS? (aka online presence)”

  1. Hi,

    It’s not actually limited to UK adults, that’s just for the geodemographic stuff, the actual service, still in beta, but signup is available on the site is open to anyone.

    – Steve

  2. Thanks Steve

    Can you elaborate any more on the methodology? It does seem strange that someone who doens’t blog, use twitter, facebook etc has a similar QDOS number to someone who uses these tools in abundance.

  3. I’ve been monitoring my online identity for the last few months, cataloging where the data exists and going even further to regain control of it by publishing more – this has been a fairly laborious process and I was hoping that QDOS would help. I have mixed feelings about what QDOS says about me, particularly as I have gone to great pains to construct my own online identity. Some of the commenters on my posting also have their doubts too.

  4. if it is online I don’t see the need for a postal code… hmmmm…

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