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My thanks to Gartner for their recent newsletter – an extract of their interview with Gartner research VP Laura McLellan is shown below. You may not agree with every point but it is important to know how Gartner likes to be treated – best practice.. not sure but certainly some best ideas. Perhaps you’ve just […]

The business case for blogging is something that many firms are still mooting. It would appear that this is also the situation for analyst firms – in an industry where opinion is a sought after commodity, it is no wonder that many companies are unsure whether to give away their IP in this format. Nevertheless, […]

The need for blogging transparency is something that many people (Edelman included) have learnt through mistakes. Which is why I am shocked to find that the Guardian of all places should make such a mess-up. In what promised to be a ‘nice’ travel-blog by a 19 year old about his forthcoming travels in South East […]

  Forrester’s Peter Kim has produced a very thought provoking read on the future of the advertising agency. The report argues that consumers now rely less and less on marketing messages when in buying mode. Instead they seek guidance from family, friends and others in their respective communities to guide them toward purchase decisions. Obviously […]

I will shortly be publishing the new list of top analyst blogs. This list has been compiled from Tekrati’s excellent blog directory. If you would like to submit a blog for consideration please let me know. This league table will take into account new analyst hires and firms as well as a tweaked methodology. I […]

Open Reasoning: The analyst watcher blind spot A great post that is a must read for anyone wanting to understand AR. (tags: analystrelations) Is the Tipping Point Toast? — Duncan Watts — Trendsetting | Fast Company is it time to redefine the whole influencer arguement – do influencers count? Duncan Watts raises some interesting questions […]

  Another acquisition in the analyst world. This time Celent has been acquired by Oliver Wyman (one of the world’s leading management consultancies and a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan). This is a good move for Oliver Wyman as their knowledge in the financial services industry will complement Celent’s strengths. My obvious concern will be […]