Top 100 analyst blogs – coming soon… submit your blog


I will shortly be publishing the new list of top analyst blogs. This list has been compiled from Tekrati’s excellent blog directory.

If you would like to submit a blog for consideration please let me know.

This league table will take into account new analyst hires and firms as well as a tweaked methodology.

I have taken the feedback I have received from the previous research and modified the methodology.

Scores are now calculated as follows:

    Google PageRank (0 to 10) – Google PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that interprets web links and assigns a numerical weighting (0 to 10) to each site. High-quality sites receive a higher PageRank. The ranking uses the actual PageRank as part of its algorithm.
    Google Reader Subscribers (0 to 10) – Google reader lists the total number of subscribers to a blog. I believe this is a more realistic number to that which Bloglines provides. Mihai Parparita confirms that “these numbers include subscribers across all Google services”. To account for people using other readers (e.g. Newsgator) it has been suggested that this number is multiplied by 3. Subscriber ranges were determined (i.e. more than 20, more than 30, etc.) and each range was assigned a number (0 to 20) that was used as part of the algorithm.

    Technorati Ranking (0 to 10) – Technorati ranking relates the authority of a particular blog (via the number of sites pointing to it). The more link sources referencing your blog, the higher the Technorati ranking. Similar to the Google Reader Subscribers value, and each range was assigned a number (0 to 30) that was used as part of the algorithm.

    Technobabble Points (0 to 10) – As the only personal subjective measure in the algorithm, 0 to 10 opinion points were assigned to each blog. I value frequent, relevant, creative and high-quality content with a good number of comments.

    Weighting Each specific variable listed above was given a standard score out of 10. Using a weighting scale I varied the importance of the each metric to establish a blogs total score. For the table listed above the following weightings were used:

    Google PageRank 20%
    Google Reader Subscribers 30%
    Technorati 30%
    Technobabble (content/frequency/comments) 20%

I look forward to reading your comments when this is published.

This league table was inspired by Todd And’s Power 150, a ranking of the top English-language marketing blogs developed by Todd Andrlik.

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6 Responses to “Top 100 analyst blogs – coming soon… submit your blog”

  1. Looking forward to this list! Two of my top resources are Being Peter Kim and Web Strategy by Jeremiah.

  2. Ahhh Shucks, thanks Amanda. 🙂

  3. Are you taking “Google Reader Subscribers” or “Bloglines Subscribers” into account ? There seems to be an inconsistency between the list and the table with the weights.

  4. Bruno – Thanks for your note – I have changed the methodology to measure Google subs as oppose to Bloglines. The inconsistency is my fault and I will edit the above post accordingly.

    to Amanda – thanks for your comment. I agree Peter and Jeremiah are top of my list too… but will they be top of the table?

    Jeremiah – if only you joined Forrester a week earlier you would have been top when I published this last year.

  5. Hi Jonny, here’s the current line up at Hitwise:

    Bill Tancer:

    Heather Hopkins US blog:

    Heather Hopkins UK blog:

    Heather Dougherty:

    Sandra Hanchard:

    Robin Goad:

    Finger crossed we all make the top 100!


  6. Our blog is listed on your page but do not see any ranking, has it been included?

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