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origami birds in leicester sq

Every now and then I witness a marketing campaign that makes me stand back and applaud. Today I doff my cap to HSBC and China Design Now who have filled Leicester Square with origami pigeons. Not only is this visually stunning but if you take a bird and follow the call to action (unfold me is neatly printed on the beak) then you reveal a piece of modern Chinese artwork alongside information about the China exhibition, a map of how to get there and a money off voucher.

With a little research it looks as though this was designed by RMG Connect – this campaign aims to break down common myths about China and is the first element of the bank’s Cultural Exchange programme. It will be supplemented by outdoor advertising and digital escalator panels. Wonder what the pigeon bloggers will think of it?

Excellent work.

If you want to know how to make one – my thanks go to rashbre central who has provided great instructions.

Edit – thanks for your comment (and hard work Emma) – the actual instructions are now below:


6 Responses to “Picture of the day”

  1. 1 John

    Thanks for the picture and post. I wish I could get to the exhibit in London but a little far from Shanghai. I am interested to learn more about how they are achieving: “this campaign aims to break down common myths about China…”

  2. Those aren’t the correct diagrams.
    See the correct diagrams here
    I should know I folded the 5000 pigeons with the help of family and friends.

  3. Hi Emma

    Well done on getting this done – I have updated the diagram with your link.

    Cheers, Jonny

  4. Yes, I put up the diagram before the event and before I knew that it was done by Emma. I’ve added references to Emma’s fine work now back at rashbre central.

  5. What great origami… and a lot less mess than real pigeons too

  1. 1 Pigeon Promotion Takes Over Leicester Square | Londonist

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