Analyst of the year – submit your answers today


IIAR Analyst of the YearQuis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Or more to the point, who analyses the analysts? In this case it is the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR).

In a marketing world that is dominated by PR, the creation of a dedicated body to promote AR best practice and stand as a forum on issues against heavyweights who might prefer us to do otherwise has been warmly welcomed by the community.

One of my responsibilities in the IIAR is running a task force which in this instance has focused on compiling the ‘analyst of the year’ survey. This survey aims to answer questions such as:

  • Which analysts deserve the title ‘analyst of the year’
  • Which analyst companies deserve the title ‘analyst firm of the year’
  • Which firms have most increased / decreased their relevance in 2007

The survey is open to in-house and agency AR professionals, and a summary of the results will be sent to all respondents. Please note that anonymous responses and those from analyst firms will be discarded. Individual responses will be kept strictly confidential and only aggregated results will be shared.

To take part in the survey please click here.

Preliminary results will be shared at the IIAR forum meeting at Lighthouse on 3rd April where Chris Lewis and David Mitchell from Ovum will be the guest speaker.


4 Responses to “Analyst of the year – submit your answers today”

  1. I find this program, as constructed, rather out of sync with recent press and AR blogger discussions about analyst ethics and transparency. For example, the ground rules you share here stipulate that the IIAR is not offering any transparency into who nominated/voted. How can anyone trust that IIAR members — whoever they are — have not simply voted as “best” whichever analysts best suit their company/client objectives?

    My impression is that as this program now stands, it will be construed as an indication that the “honored” analysts and firms are in the IIAR vendor and ageny pockets.

  2. Thanks for your message Barbar

    Transparency and ethics are at the heart of what the IIAR stand for. What’s more the survey is open to anyone who takes part in analyst relations regardless of whether they are members of the IIAR or not. In fact I am pleased to see that there have been plenty of respondents from the US who have no interactions with the IIAR whatsoever.

    Nevertheless, I am sure that people will vote for whichever analysts they believe are the best – no single person has the ability to alter the general trend of results. What’s more we have clearly broken down the survey into multiple areas (ie sector – such as hardware, software; and geography – such as Americas, EMEA). This will allow us to segement the results so that bias cannot be used due to a higher number of people voting in one sector over another.

    Lets wait to see what the results show. I would be happy to share with you some of the preliminary findings and would welcome your point of view.

  3. Barbara,

    There’s one huge advantage to the IIAR survey other others (including Lighthouse’s) which is that it’s a write in ballot. There’s no primary nomination stage, and anyone can vote for anyone.

    It’s a secret ballot, but the method prevents people from responding more than once, and we use emails to verify who people are.

    However, no method will prevent people from voting in line with their preferences.


  1. 1 Vote for the Analyst of the Year : Analyst Equity - Lighthouse Analyst Relations

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