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Whilst catching up on several great blogs, I came up across this comment in a post and it has stuck with me. At the best job interview I ever went to, I asked the guy ‘what are you looking for?’ – he said ‘interesting people, but more than that, interested people.’ The concept of ‘interested’ […]

It came as quite a shock to me to realise that my blog has been going for 1 year. It seems like longer and at times I never believed that I would continue with it but I am pleased that I have. I know that self-indulgent blog posts are not a recipe for success but […]

When people cut costs, what industries feel the pressure? Gartner predict themselves that things are going to be tough in 2008. Mark Raskino explained: For businesses with global reach, we note that the clouds are gathering rapidly over the UK, US and Japan… Forrester also share this view. Andrew Bartels echoes Gartner’s comment: Most technology […]

  I have noticed a trend over the past year in that there has been a steady rise in micro-blogging (using Twitter) from the analyst community. James Governor explained the difference between a blog and a twitter as: twitter is better as a hearing aid than a megaphone. better for putting feelers out than shouting […]

Just stumbled on a new blog (Helzerman) to add to my reading list – thanks for pointing me to this great problem solver… Source: Graphjam

I often tell the story in my AR training sessions that the best briefing I have ever had was with a client that had (in his own words) ‘a rubbish legacy product’. I had the joyous task of taking him on an analyst tour round several of the top analyst houses – the end result […]

Get voting – your favourite analyst needs you. This survey is open to anyone in analyst relations – in any country either in-house or at an agency. The preliminary results are in which have already shown a few surprises – not least the traditional Tier 1 firms are facing tough opposition from the boutique analyst […]

Original copy on IIAR web site: We have heard today (from three sources) that IDG, the parent of IDC, intends to buy Silver Lake Partners’ share in Gartner and the holdings of CEO Eugene Hall. As part of the deal Neil Bradford, former head of Forrester Americas, and Anthony Parslow, until recently head of Datamonitor, […]