Be interested not interesting


Whilst catching up on several great blogs, I came up across this comment in a post and it has stuck with me.

At the best job interview I ever went to, I asked the guy ‘what are you looking for?’ – he said ‘interesting people, but more than that, interested people.’

The concept of ‘interested’ is something that Russell Davies does a great job of explaining. My interpretation is that being interested is someone who:

  • is eager to learn more
  • does not accept the status quo
  • does not believe in barriers as to what they should be interested about

Writing a blog is a great example of this. I have always had opinions, everyone does. What makes blogging different is that it has forced me to order my thoughts, seek out others opinion, keep an eye and ear open for new ideas and succinctly write them down.

What does this achieve?

Theorists would probably liken this concept to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs stating that what I am really focused on is self-actualisation. Which I guess is what this is really all about. I blog because I enjoy learning more and the feeling I get when I scribe my (previously incoherent) thoughts into a blog post. When this creates dialogue with a community that I respect and value, this feeling is compounded.

I don’t claim to be interesting. That view often depends on an individual having a shared appreciation of something. However, I am interested in many things and that at least makes you interesting.


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