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After analysing 116 survey responses I am delighted to let you know that the analyst of the year results will be published on Monday 2 June. Without giving anything away – the findings are quite incredible. Come back here next week or go to the IIAR web site to see the full results (available for […]


I’ve just had a great chat with James Governor from RedMonk about Tom Raftery joining the team and RedMonk’s commitment to greentech. What struck me from the outset was how this was not a case of jumping on the bandwagon but a business decision that aims to bring in additional revenue to the company not […]

It’s a big week for change in the analyst world – but what made this particular job movement catch my eye was that the job was offered and accepted on Twitter. Made & accepted on Twitter! Aside from this being interesting in so far as the medium used, this should not devalue the actual hire […]

Kings of Europe


Excuse the second indulgence but what a night, what a game, what a score, what a penalty. I’ll be back on track discussing all things AR, social media and technology after I recover from this hangover. Technorati Tags: manchester united,mufc,champions,kings of europe,champions league

MWD have scored a great coup by hiring analyst guru Bola Rotibi to join their growing team. Bola will continue to be focused on issues and products concerning the software development and delivery processes and technologies. As before she will continue to look at the business and IT relationship of the development and delivery process […]

There was a great turn out to the web 2.0 event last week. I am especially pleased with the quality and quantity of discussions that the event raised. A few of you have asked for me to post a copy of the presentation online so please find it below. One of the slides that caused […]

Tomorrow evening I will be speaking at a PR Newswire event about social media. Specifically, the meeting aims to look at a SWOT of this communications platform from a B2B and B2C perspective – looking in depth at: what is social media? where did it come from? why should it be used and what the […]



Off topic – but allow me this one little indulgence. Roll-on Moscow Technorati Tags: manchester united,champions,premier league,mufc

Edit: 12 May: updated with 10 additional analysts After I published the top analyst twitters last week, I am pleased to say there has been a surge of activity amongst the analyst community regarding who twitters and how they use it. I have now updated the table below to take the new players into consideration. Carter […]