Web 2.0 event – slides from the show


There was a great turn out to the web 2.0 event last week. I am especially pleased with the quality and quantity of discussions that the event raised. A few of you have asked for me to post a copy of the presentation online so please find it below.

One of the slides that caused the greatest discussion was how companies should not just jump into social media because it is there. Coca cola was a great example of this – what I found interesting is how the power of social media eventually forced them to delete their appalling profile from their Facebook page.

If anyone would like to understand more detail about any of the slides in particular, please let me know and I will add a commentary.

Edit – Rod Nicolson has also uploaded the slides from the first half of the event. These focus on defining social media and how it evolved into its current state it is today. These are now shown below.



3 Responses to “Web 2.0 event – slides from the show”

  1. 1 Rod

    Thanks Jonny. Very sorry to have missed it, it sounded like a great discussion. The PR Newswire presentation given by Jamie Brader can be found here:




  2. Thanks Rod – I will edit this post and show the slides in the main body


  3. 3 Victoria Newlands

    Hi Jonny,

    Great talk…some of the comments made by the audience did worry me though, no wonder PRs have a bad reputation!

    I’ll share these slides with my colleagues!

    V x

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