Analyst movers and shakers


Macehiter Ward-DuttonMWD have scored a great coup by hiring analyst guru Bola Rotibi to join their growing team.

Bola will continue to be focused on issues and products concerning the software development and delivery processes and technologies. As before she will continue to look at the business and IT relationship of the development and delivery process as well as identifying migration and implementation strategies. 

Bola has always been a globally respected analyst and together with the rest of the ex-Ovum mob of Neil Macehiter, Neil Ward-Dutton and Angela Ashenden, I think this hire reinforces their position as having a group of great visionaries in their practice.

Analyst TeamFreeform Dynamics have also got a new joiner in Josie Sephton. Josie is a highly experienced telecom analyst and consultant with a solid track record in the industry, most recently with Ovum. She joins FD to head up activities in the service provider space.

This is another good move for Dale as I have seen a significant growth in the telco space and it is reassuring to know that firms are hiring to accommodate this.

Good luck to all analysts in your new job.

Edit: Looks as though IDC have got rid of a few of their analysts in areas that weren’t making money.


For more detail, read SageCircle’s blog on: IDC lays off eight analysts and 15 additional staff


5 Responses to “Analyst movers and shakers”

  1. Thanks for highlighting Bola’s arrival at MWD, Jonny! We’re very excited about having her on board.
    You might also be interested in some other news from us this week – we’ve launched a new advisory service line of business. The first service we’re offering focuses on BPM (I’m devleoping and leading it for the moment, until we can hire more people). I’ll send over some info…

  2. Tks for the update Jonny. Is there a website that follows the movement of analysts and “rates” the analysts in the different industries?

  3. 3 IdaRose Sylvester

    Actually, you had the IDC story right in the first place, it’s a refocusing. I was part of that layoff and in a relatively healthy segment.

  4. Hi Jonny, Thanks for the link.

    BTW, gave a plug for the Technobabble 2.0 Top 100 analysts list in the AR 2.0 meeting yesterday. Also put in a link to the list in my post about the meeting.

  5. Hi Jonny,

    Indeed, we’re delighted Josie is joining us! And a hat tip to yourself, as one of the people who was of the opinion we should strengthen our team in this area.

    Also delighted to see Bola at MWD, that’s a great piece of news for both sides! Sorry (genuinely) to hear about the redundancies at IDC, particularly IdaRose who I know through Twitter.

    All the best, Jon

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