RedMonk offers job and accepted on Twitter


It’s a big week for change in the analyst world – but what made this particular job movement catch my eye was that the job was offered and accepted on Twitter.

Made & accepted on Twitter!

Aside from this being interesting in so far as the medium used, this should not devalue the actual hire too. Tom Raftery, who has been a social media consultant in Ireland for four years is moving to Spain shortly which will effectively remove much of his income. Instead Tom will now be doing Green tech and sustainability research for RedMonk. Tom has been a regular blogger on GreenMonk so this transition should be quite straightforward.

This is great hire for the RedMonk team and solidifies their belief in green tech – James goes as far as to say that GreenMonk is far more than a blog – but now a business line too.

I am sure that as green issues become less of a buzz term and more a business decision, the Red/GreenMonk team will get far more business.


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