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Over the past three months the number of analysts that use Twitter has increased dramatically. When I first started ranking them only 49 analysts used this tool – this has now jumped dramatically to 122 (no doubt by the time I publish this, it will have increased again). Amongst AR pros, there is still a […]


Recently my inbox has been filled with lots of discussion around blogger relations. The reason why isn’t a great surprise as more and more firms are seeking to get their message across and have finally woken up and realised that people trust the opinions of bloggers far more than they first thought. Josh Bernoff from […]

Free training course: Tuesday 15 July – 4pm (UK), 11am (EST) I am pleased to announce the first online training course for AR pros who want to understand how to manage the sheer volume of information in the analyst 2.0 world to just 5 minutes per day. The need to engage with analysts using social […]