Training Course – How to manage AR 2.0 information overload


Free training course: Tuesday 15 July – 4pm (UK), 11am (EST)

I am pleased to announce the first online training course for AR pros who want to understand how to manage the sheer volume of information in the analyst 2.0 world to just 5 minutes per day.

The need to engage with analysts using social media according to many is something that they inherently know they must do but the key problem is time.

Not having enough time is not good enough as analysts evolve their working practices. As Jeremiah Owyang from Forrester explained in a comment on my blog:

I’ll be very clear on this as an analyst. If you want to influence me, be in a conversation and dialog with me, in person, online, and wherever I go.

AR teams are usually under resourced and tasked with an over whelming amount of work – add in the extra responsibility of monitoring, commenting and creating content in blogs, Wikis, twitter etc and the comment you often receive is – ‘I know it is important but I simply do not have the time’.

This training course aims to tackle this problem head-on.

This 30 minute webinar will guide you through the best-practice tips you can follow so that the analysts information you need to know is pushed to you and is quickly and easily accessible without you having to spend unproductive hours searching irrelevant content from uninfluential people.

If you would like to attend this webinar
…please email me at jonny dot bentwood at edelman dot com and I will send you the conference call dial-in number and web address.

Don’t worry if you can’t make this one as I will be running this again shortly – email if you want to be kept informed on when the next training course will be.

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