Forrester buys Jupiter


image Exciting times in the analyst world again as Forrester acquires Jupiter for $23m.

The last time this happened (when Giga was acquired) there was initially quite a lot of hope followed by quite a few analyst movements. Time will tell what the outcome of this move will be – however, if we follow George Colony’s reasoning (as mentioned in the earnings call yesterday) we can be hopeful. He states the reasons for this as:

including the opportunity to add content and data, access to new clients for cross-selling opportunities and the cultural fit between the two companies.

Technobabble View

Looking behind the hype it is clear where the value of this move lies. Forrester intend to place Jupiter firmly within the Marketing & Strategy Client Group. This is a sound move and backs up Forrester’s previous statements of moving from Information Technology to Business Technology. The main difference this time is that it is not just empty rhetoric but an investment to back this up.

There will obviously be concern amongst clients that this will affect them but considering the hopeful synergies that this deal brings, it can only be good of the analyst industry.


3 Responses to “Forrester buys Jupiter”

  1. Hi Jonny, Good comment and I especially like your graphic. 😉 Also, thanks for the link.

    Forrester buying Jupiter is a smart move for a number of reasons (e.g., getting smart analysts with reputations, adding sales reps with rolodexes, and adding clients to cross-sell).

    The hard part will be the integration of the two companies. I went through a lot of acquisitions at Gartner and observed a lot more as an observer of the analysts and each one was tough. It will be interesting to see whether this acquisition ends up being winner or dud.

    Carter Lusher

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  2. 2 Kas jauns (vecs) jūlijā un augustā | Globālais Veikals

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