How to do social media right in 2009


I’d like to highlight a presentation I have seen on social media – what makes this one different is that it avoids the normal clutter and makes a coherent discussion about what is important, how to do things right and how the web is evolving.

Even though there are several Edelman clients listed in here (disclosure) – this slide deck is pretty good if you need to explain to anyone best practice.

What I particularly like though, is that it attempts to explain ‘measurement’. Any regular reader of my blog will know that this is a focus-area of mine that I feel is critical to any implementation. We do not live in a ‘field of dreams’ world where simply creating content is enough to deliver success. More importantly (and especitally from a marketing POV), we need to be able to show how this process is a valauable use of (increasingly limited resources).

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2 Responses to “How to do social media right in 2009”

  1. I’ve seen this before, it’s a great presentation..

    Any idea who from Organic is behind this?

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