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Pop quiz… Question: what do you get if you combine the analyst of the year (Ray Wang), the analyst blogger of the year  and author of Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies (Charlene Li), the most influential social media analyst (Jeremiah Owyang) and the previous lead of the Social Media Lab at […]


Honesty, integrity, knowledge, curiosity, insight, passion, respect and influence These characteristics were repeatedly highlighted when AR Pro’s were asked to identify the analyst house and individual who they wanted to recognise as being the best in the industry. This second post in the “analyst of the year” series aims to highlight individuals and firms who […]

Via: Geek and Poke And an old one that is worth showing again…   How analysts make predictions? Via: GAF, courtesy of Dilbert

Courtesy of @wonky_donky at the Naked Pheasant. More to the point, he thinks I am algorithm-obsessed. He is partially true (I am sort-of embarrassed to say) – but fear not, something is cooking and will share all soon. Caption from “Mad Avenue Blues" – a superb parody of Digital Marketing set to the tune of […]

There are several arguments that you can be sure will continue as there are too many views as to what is correct. Even though my personal favourite is who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Batman, the more pertinent one in my focus area is defining “who is an analyst?” Normally I try […]

In a year where analysts have had to prove their worth to fight back against the reduction in discretionary spend, we would like to applaud those companies and individuals who have shown a commitment to providing a service that goes above and beyond what is expected. This series of blog posts will showcase the results […]

It is probably the single most important page on the web. The one that you look at more than anything else – the one that vendors would sell their souls for if they could only capture that space for the briefest of time. It is also overlooked – cash is spent by the bucket load […]