Analyst relations certification from the IIAR


image The IIAR (Institute of Industry Analyst Relations) has completed, via AR guru Peggy O’Neill, a certification test for everyone in this industry. As the analyst profession has matured it has become more important than ever for professionals to master best practices, analyst protocol, and basic knowledge of the industry.

This certification will form the foundation level for an Advanced AR Certification, which is currently under development.

Why is this important?

This test will allow people to show their skills in a way that is often intangible. I know from my own experience, that it is difficult enough to explain what it is I do for a living, so how are you meant to explain to your peers, superiors and potential hirers that you are as good as you are when they don’t even understand AR themselves.

On a more practical level this test is essential to help individuals who may think they know it all (looking at myself here) to understand the areas they need to brush up their skills on.

Example question

All but one of these companies acquired the other.

   a) Gartner acquired META Group
   b) Forrester acquired Jupiter Research
   c) Datamonitor acquired Bloor Research
   d) IDC acquired Meridien Research

If you want to try a sample test, you can click here(I’ll let you know the result of the above question at the end of the post)

This is a pretty tough test with 120 multi-choice questions to be answered in one hour (i thought I had left exams behind me after university). It’s not meant to be easy and those that who have tried it all passed with flying colours. A score of 70% is considered passing, and if test takers fail, they can re-take it in three months.

Analyst relations managers who pass the test are considered “certified” by the IIAR. Certifications are deemed lifetime and applicants do not need to re-take the test periodically. The test is administered by the IIAR and is available for members and non-members. The fee is £100 for non-members and includes the opportunity for one retake if candidates initially fail the test. The exam is free for IIAR members but is not mandatory for membership.

If you practice AR and are not part of the IIAR, it’s worth joining…

I admit I am biased as I am a founding member and board member of this association but it is worth it. From sharing best practice on getting the ideal placement in an MQ or Forrester Wave to discussion with your peers about how to solve a particular issue – this group helps AR as its raise d’être. This certification is just another example of how the IIAR aims to help and promoted the analyst relations profession. Oh, and the answer to the above question is ‘c’.

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2 Responses to “Analyst relations certification from the IIAR”

  1. Nice post Jonny 🙂

  2. Nice post. But honestly, I think the sample question you’ve chosen does not do the certification any justice.

    It’s historical trivia with little to no bearing on practicing effective analyst relations today. To me, this is the kind of thinking that AR needs to outgrow. Quickly.

    I hope you can update (or augment) your post with a sample question that better reflects why a hiring manager might value AR certification by the IIAR.

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