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This simple question is at the crux of social media – after all why should anyone bother spending their increasingly limited time and resources trying to influence what a blogger writes if what they say has no impact. Which begs two more important questions… Firstly is there any proof that a blog can influence behaviour […]

Edit: reposted as original blog published on 11 November has been deleted. (cached copy) TweetLevel is a new measurement tool that calculates someone’s importance on Twitter. In other words it is the Twitter equivalent to Google’s PageRank. The explosive growth of Twitter has massively impacted the nature of communications. Initially the domain of the tech-minority, […]

Edit: Now includes predictions from: IDC, Gartner, Screen Digest, Elemental Links, Freeform Dynamics, Quocirca, Interpret, CCS Insight, RedMonk, Juniper Research, Interpret, IDEAS International Predicting what will be big is a fun game that all the analysts like to play each year. The technology industry, often so full of hype, frequently drinks its own Kool-Aid and […]

In breaking news today, Gartner has bought AMR Research for $64 million in cash. In total this acquisition brings Gartner an extra 40 analysts and 45 sales people. What this means – our view… This is a very smart move by Gartner and continues their approach to acquire firms and therefore individuals who have rich […]