Downfall: Gartner MQ


Downfall of AR and the Gartner Magic Quadrant from Jonny Bentwood on Vimeo.

Disclaimer: This video I created is obviously a parody – please do not take anything from this aside from the fact it was created in jest.

37 Responses to “Downfall: Gartner MQ”

  1. 1 Hans Suter

    JC! The 738th adaption! But then this is technobabble!

  2. As long as we’re indulging in AR fantasy 🙂 — perhaps a sequel can be mashed up from the German-dubbed version of Valkyrie, where AR attempts to get the marketing VP fired in the faint hope that the AR org will then be transferred under the VP of Sales?

    Tom Cruise, are you ready for your AR close-up?

  3. Brilliant! Having been on both sides of the magic quadrant I laughed a lot.


  4. Could this possibly have been any funnier? or more true…

  5. Excellent – very amusing and certainly made my Friday!

  6. 6 Dean Whitehair

    I just about spit my coffee out laughing at this. I’ve been through that exact meeting with several CEOs! Brillent job fitting in about every AR cliche into this parody!

  7. 7 Bill Forquer

    Well done and painfully true.

  8. 8 lauriemccabe

    LOL funny! Very creative!!!

  9. ANyone who has ever worked in AR will LOL at this – great work!

  10. Just so you know, it’s not just funny from the AR side, many analysts let me know they found it funny too.

    Well played. Every industry has to lighten up, well done.

  11. Absolutely awesome! And soooooooooo true… Love your work.

  12. 12 Teri Palanca

    Excellent! Every AR professional should keep this one around for stress relief. Thanks!

  13. 13 Bronwyn Allen

    I’m sending this to several people across the Fujitsu Marketing/AR organization as I know they’ll appreciate the (biting) humor like I did. Thanks for this!

  14. As an analyst, it is even funnier — i have these conversations with vendors following releases of MQ drafts and finals where they swore they would get fired and their careers would come to an end…

    It is sad that it happens, but the parody is hillarious

  15. I am shocked, utterly shocked. How could you portray our industry in that way…

    The was too friggin funny -)

  16. 16 Finn

    oh how I laughed!!! Brilliant!!!!

  17. Thanks everyone for your great comments – I am delighted that so many people like it.

  18. 18 Pam Crain

    This is BRILLIANT! Could not stop laughing.

  19. The funniest and most painfully accurate portrayal of how Gartner, its Magic Quadrant and analyst relations in general are perceived (and misunderstood) that I have seen in more than 30 years as an analyst and consultant to vendors. A truly monumental “little” work — I’d definitely put it in the “Leaders” quadrant, if I believed anyone should ever base any part of a business or go-to-market strategy on anything with the word “Magic” in its name. Many thanks! 😀

  20. This is absolutely hysterical.

  21. Too funny….could not stop laughing as I simultaneously translated the German while reading the English parody. Leslie Ament

  22. As a former Gartner analyst, I just have to say, bravo.

  23. 23 Roberta Witty

    Their mistake was Nobu….just kidding. Beyond funny.

  24. 24 Naomi

    Fabulous! Every word of this hit a chord. Well done – very, very funny.

  25. 25 John Simonds

    right on the mark Jonny, too funny.

  26. 26 Reyne Quackenbush

    Great job and VERY VERY funny. And your video reminds me of the Nortel Downfall series which were another adaptation of this video. The original Nortel downfall and then there was The Nortel Downfall Part 2 and then of course the Nortel Downfall Part 3 and don’t forget the Nortel Downfall part 4 and then part 5, 6, 7… get the picture.

    I say keep it going! I look forward to seeing The Downfall of AR, Part 2!! 🙂

  27. just brilliant…

  28. Very funny and well done. Great job.

  29. Johnny, so well done, this is absolutely hysterical! Have retweeted and forwarded link to your video on to peers and clients who I know will appreciate. You might enjoy our recent blog post –


    Alison Minaglia

  30. 30 Sam Moulton

    I wanted to laugh, but alas, it was almost too painful to watch… Great job!

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