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There are thousands of posts about SEO optimisation. This is not one of them. This aim of this post is to illustrate the negative (and comical) affects of inadvertent or unplanned SEO. For example a long time ago, I was strolling through Leicester Square when I saw a wonderful display of Origami pigeons. Who would […]

The Galactico’s grow by one – or for the non-European’s amongst you, the superstars have added another superstar (Michael Gartenberg) to their impressive line-up. If there was any doubt that Altimeter Group were hitting way above their weight then this new addition again proves that as a firm they firmly believe that people hire the […]

Who are the analysts who use Twitter the most effectively? Using SageCircle’s excellent database combined with a good number of my own I have used TweetLevel to understand who are the most important analysts on Twitter. These names are included on the following Twitter list – link This unique tool compiles twitter data from over 30 […]

The next table of analyst tweeters will be published very soon. If you were not included in the previous list and believe you should be mentioned please let me know. Note – all calculations will be done via TweetLevel on Friday 18th February. Even though this tool is dynamic, I will only be able to […]

The Internet is an extremely powerful tool for researching and buying products. But people are using several sources of information before making purchase decisions – they may seek independent opinions or advice, they may speak to customer service agents and they may examine goods physically. As a result, many enterprises have recognized the importance of […]

Josh Bernoff makes the pertinent point about Forrester, in the same bracket as other IP focussed companies like the New York Times and CBS: the opinions of our analysts are our product This is the basis of the sole argument that has made the Forrester ban all personal blogs covering topics related to their coverage […]

Late last week I resurrected a common meme around Hitler’s downfall video but this time applied it to analyst relations. In the original post, I simply let the parody of the video speak for itself but after reviewing the many comments on the blog and on twitter, I have noticed that quite a few people […]