When SEO goes wrong


There are thousands of posts about SEO optimisation. This is not one of them.

This aim of this post is to illustrate the negative (and comical) affects of inadvertent or unplanned SEO. For example a long time ago, I was strolling through Leicester Square when I saw a wonderful display of Origami pigeons. Who would have thought that this surprisingly became one of the highest search terms to my blog.

Or who would have guessed that an image search for “Man United Champions” would again bring in so many visits to Technobabble?

I have spent years trying to build up my niche credentials – sure people come from other terms too (such as analyst relations) but this example made me think about what else Technobabble is associated with.


Or conversely, have a quick search for Gartner MQ, would the borg be happy that my YouTube parody of them sits 3rd on the list just behind Gartner.com and the Wikipedia entry. The same situation applies if you search for Technology 2010 – something many firms like Gartner would give their right arm to at the top of.

There are many such examples. Edelman’s own technology blog – the wonderfully named “Naked Pheasant” once ran an excellent story on revealing too much information about yourself when using social media. The accompanying photo, though funny (see link) paved the way for an onslaught of people searching for “fat naked men by a computer”. I just quiver at the thought of who would enter that search term into Google.

My conclusion – far too much time is spent focussing on the positive aspects of SEO (concerned with getting what you want to the top) but how much time is spent making sure a firm is associated with the right terms not the wrong ones. My conclusion SEO is important but be careful as to what you associate with your posts in case the off-the-cuff remark/photo becomes the key thing that you are known for.


5 Responses to “When SEO goes wrong”

  1. Yes i agree, SEO has spend to much on niche marketing and forgot about the REAL relevance aspect. Relevanz and good content, these factors (hopefully) never change.

  2. You #1 Because Google loves your blog! (Write post naturally and unique) and also your blog is wordpress.com the king of SEO, i guess.

  3. 3 Cor

    Recently i found a number of sites who have come up in searches i have done which have no relevancy for the topic at hand. I agree with your comment on bad seo and the effects of over optimisation on a website.

  4. I agree but I think that google is doing a pretty good job making matching what the visitor is looking for with what shows up in the serp.

  5. I agree. There’s so much about SEO and all those stuff that one doesn’t know what really counts. I think, It’s important to keep a good content and you’ll have people to come to your website. As you mentioned SEO FAIL!

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