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  Last week I was joined by Jeremiah Owyang, Carter Lusher and Barbara French for a very lively and sometimes contentious discussion on how social media has affected the analyst industry. There’s some great advice in this podcast for AR pros and analysts alike. Social media is not an end in itself. If conversations are […]


First posted on IIAR web site IIAR analyst of the year survey For the past few years, the IIAR has sought to indentify the analysts and firms who deserve recognition. In a world where most firms are only contacted by vendors because we want to brief or learn something from them, it is appropriate that […]

Edit (23 July 2010) – updated with extra 150 names – only showing top 1,000 Who are the analysts who use Twitter the most effectively? In my regular call for analysts to be more competitive with each other in this mock top trumps scenario, it easy to forget that I don’t care who is number […]

The next table of analyst tweeters will be published very soon. If you were not included in the previous list and believe you should be mentioned please let me know. Note – all calculations will be done via TweetLevel on Wednesday 21st July . Even though this tool is dynamic, I will only be able […]

Next week the analyst of the year survey will be launched. This is an annual award that AR pros vote on to praise the analysts who they think are the best. The survey is in it’s final stages of being completed – my ask to you is.. what questions do you want to ensure are […]

Amazing post just seen on digg from the Blog Herald which I am shamelessly copying below. A large scale version can be seen here. IceRocket Tags: twitter,infographic,rise

Robbie Williams had it right when he sang ‘Let Me Entertain You’. When a firm wants to get a message across, it needs to be get across the noise for people to pay attention. I particularly like the way mastercom explain their raison d’être: It’s better to entertain than interrupt and disturb. Well this is […]

A few months ago, I created a little parody of the obsession that many people have with the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Quietly publishing this on YouTube for a few of my friends, it quickly became a huge hit. However, the copyright police quickly told the Google uberlords to remove all ‘Downfall’ parodies and so it […]

How do you ensure that your limited time and resources is spent using social media effectively? The answer is not as many people often believe? The current view is to try and engage purely with the superstars of the twittersphere in the hope that they will repeat your name/message and promote you. This is timely, […]

The MTV generation are now 30-somethings sitting behind their computers getting on with work. If the teens of today want to see the latest music video they go to YouTube and not the TV. So how does a company like MTV re-engage with the social media generation. The answer is to embrace it whole heartedly […]