MTV uses TweetLevel to find their next Twitter Jockey


The MTV generation are now 30-somethings sitting behind their computers getting on with work. If the teens of today want to see the latest music video they go to YouTube and not the TV.

So how does a company like MTV re-engage with the social media generation. The answer is to embrace it whole heartedly and not to fight the change. This is exactly what MTV are doing and I am proud that Edelman can be associated with it.

Starting on Wednesday, the hunt for MTV’s next social media correspondent starts. In a competition that runs in a similar fashion to the Apprentice, 20 hopefuls will battle their way through challenges with the aim to win:

  • $100,000 salary + one year contract with MTV in New York
  • Exclusive access to events and celebrities
  • Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a new MTV personality

One of the key aspects in this competition is the ‘knock-out phase’ as described on the MTV site

The Online Challenge Competition (July 7 – July 20)
The challenge competition kicks off on on July 7 with the TJ candidates competing in a series of Twitter-based challenges. Judging will be done by an internal committee and by TweetLevel… After the challenge period, four final candidates will be identified, with a fifth being voted on by fans via American Express’ ZYNC Facebook community. The five finalists will leave their hometowns and travel to New York City for the final round of challenges where the audience, votes for the final MTV TJ during a live televised show on August 8, 2010.

Dave Sirulnick, MTV Executive Vice President of Multiplatform Production, News and Music said:

MTV selected Edelman’s TweetLevel as our measurement tool because the four criteria it uses to evaluate people – influence, popularity, engagement and trust – are the same principles we believe our first-ever TJ needs to have. TweetLevel also gives people handy tips for improving their scores, so we expect the rivalries to be fierce as the contestants compete against each other.

From my point-of-view, this is a perfect example of how the things are changing. No longer are firms simply interested in who is popular, but more – who is important. This is where TweetLevel makes a real difference as it does places extra emphasis on user engagement as oppose to seeing who has the most followers. It is within this ‘social media generation’ that conversing not broadcasting counts and MTV have made the great jump to support this and ensure that their voice is part of the community and not left behind.

You can follow what is happening on the MTV TJ site


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