HP Photosmart video – social entertainment


Robbie Williams had it right when he sang ‘Let Me Entertain You’. When a firm wants to get a message across, it needs to be get across the noise for people to pay attention.

I particularly like the way mastercom explain their raison d’être:

It’s better to entertain than interrupt and disturb.

Well this is exactly what HP have done magnificently in their latest HP Hit Print video. The story behind this was explained on Gadget Venue and copied below:

“About a year ago, Matt and Tom created a video showing several HP printers printing an animation. The video was created because of a student competition with the brief being as follows… “Present an idea which promotes HP Workstations ability to bring to life anything the creative mind can conceive”. The original can be found here.

The team who created it were asked by HP to create another film for the company, ie a sequel. The short film follows the same style as the last in that it uses HP printers to print out frames of an animation.

The video took a week to film and used HP Photosmart printers with paper fed in real time. The footage captured was then sped up showing off an animation.”

It is worth noting that this wasn’t clever fake animation but bone fide printing using recycled paper.

I think it’s great (and yes HP are a client) but still the story, the music, the way it complements the message – heck the whole thing. Well, at times like this, I am proud of what HP with Edelman and Matt and Tom have done.


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  1. thanks for the quote 😉

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