The impact of social on the analyst industry



Last week I was joined by Jeremiah Owyang, Carter Lusher and Barbara French for a very lively and sometimes contentious discussion on how social media has affected the analyst industry.

There’s some great advice in this podcast for AR pros and analysts alike.

Social media is not an end in itself. If conversations are taking place online then analysts and AR pros need to take part in them.


2 Responses to “The impact of social on the analyst industry”

  1. This discussion is one of the most insightful and valuable about analysts, influence and community that I’ve ever heard or seen. Thanks to all of the contributors. I also offer as an example of many of the ideas surrounding community, peer-to-peer (human!) networking and the sharing of advice, expertise and wisdom. We have hundreds of thousands of unique visitors contributing content, rating other contributors and contributions, and sharing and exchanging practical, useful and actionable advice. I’d really love any and all feedback on participants in and consumers of this great discussion would care to offer. Many thanks!

  1. 1 Recording: The Impact of Social on the Analyst Industry: A Roundtable with Jonny Bentwood, Barbara French, Carter Lusher, and Jeremiah Owyang | Sway

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