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Earlier this week Carter Lusher – Research Fellow & Chief Analyst, Ovum contacted me to explain that Ovum were going to hold a brief-a-thon. I remember when Meta used to do this with great success and became a perfect opportunity for vendors to speak with analysts to whom they would rarely get an opportunity to […]


Guest post from David Murton The first business or product Facebook page is a major milestone in a company’s social media marketing efforts. It looks spiffy, has a good mix of marketing info, interaction and also the ever-important sticky content. But do customers like it? More importantly, do would-be product buyers like it to the […]

Sammy’s story


About this post: For those of you who know me either through work or play, you may be aware that my son is unwell. It’s often difficult to explain what the problem is so with the help of my son, we wrote his story. I know this isn’t the usual technobabble but I hope you […]