Announcing the Ovum Brief-a-Thon on May 18th in London


Earlier this week Carter Lusher – Research Fellow & Chief Analyst, Ovum contacted me to explain that Ovum were going to hold a brief-a-thon. I remember when Meta used to do this with great success and became a perfect opportunity for vendors to speak with analysts to whom they would rarely get an opportunity to speak with. Below is a copy of the text he sent me, I would highlight that relevant briefings are awarded on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis so get moving…

Download a directory of Ovum’s Technology (aka IT) analyst team.

When vendors heard that Ovum’s entire global IT analyst team was going to be in London for the Ovum Industry Congress they asked to host a briefing for multiple analysts at the vendor’s local offices. This is a great idea except that it would be inefficient for analysts to run around London for meetings. So we came up with the idea of hosting a Vendor Brief-a-Thon at our London HQ. That way we can efficiently book many briefings (up to 30, with analysts having six slots on their dance card) in a single day giving more vendors a chance for face-to-face meeting.

The value of the Brief-a-Thon for vendors includes:

  • Opportunity to meet analysts in person that maybe they only interacted with over the phone or email
  • Efficiency of a single briefing with multiple analysts instead of conducting multiple briefings because the analysts are normally scattered across many time zones
  • Face-to-face briefings offer different interaction dynamics versus a phone call
  • Feedback from multiple analysts about the topics being discussed

Cost to vendors – Zero.  This is a no-cost opportunity that Ovum is offering the entire vendor community whether or not they are clients or sponsors of the Ovum Industry Congress.

The Brief-a-Thon will be held on Wednesday, May 18th, in London. The briefings will start at 08.30 GMT and run through 4:30 pm GMT with each slot being 60 minutes. Time slots will be assigned to vendors on a first come, first serve basis. However, before a vendor is assigned a slot they will need to get at least one analyst to agree to attend the briefing.

To request a briefing slot or if you have questions about this special event, vendors can contact or (U.S.) 1-650-274-8309.


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