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T’is the season to be jolly and take part in a quiz or two. These jokes come from the very best of the crackers – we tried this in the office and it didn’t take long for the groans and guffaws to filter their way back to my desk. How long will it take you […]

Obviously not meant to be taken seriously – hope you like. For previous puns directed at the analyst community – see: Downfall: Gartner MQ, view on YouTube

I was fortunate enough to spend time with Ray Wang, disruptive analyst supremo at Constellation Research. Taking advantage of finally seeing him in person, I collared him with a microphone and asked him several questions on the area he knows best – the enterprise. This 10 minute podcast explores these questions… What would you define […]

In Richard Edelman’s new blog post, he discuses that that in order to achieve resonance, a brand has to allow open conversations around a topic of societal interest. Brands have to be willing to risk losing control in exchange for gaining credibility. The three step process behind this has been defined by the Tuck Business […]