Podcast with Ray Wang


IMG00024-20111205-1921I was fortunate enough to spend time with Ray Wang, disruptive analyst supremo at Constellation Research. Taking advantage of finally seeing him in person, I collared him with a microphone and asked him several questions on the area he knows best – the enterprise.

This 10 minute podcast explores these questions…

  1. What would you define as leadership in today’s enterprise market
  2. Which companies are leaders in the enterprise market today
  3. How would you classify SAP’s leadership position
  4. Do you feel the cloud driven vendors are going to make the traditional on premise guys redundant?
  5. Between SAP, HP, Autonomy etc., who has the right answer to the big data questions? Who can deliver the insights?
  6. What are your predictions for Constellation Group?
  7. Any advice to enterprises listening to this podcast?

Listen to podcast with Ray Wang here

I hope you enjoy.

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