Twitter Chats – fish where the fish are



Fishing where the fish are is something that bears have known for years but many folk who use Twitter seem to have forgotten. We cannot simply think our message will be heard by tweeting ourselves which is why we try and target influential people via tools like TweetLevel and BlogLevel.

However, this isn’t the only way of doing it. What I have been doing successfully over the past year is taking part in twitter chats. These are regular conversations that take place about a specific subject on twitter normally for an hour and owned by a specific hashtag.

For example,

· if you are targeting the SME market then look no further than #smallbizchat

· If you are focussing on innovation then #Innochat on Thursdays is the one for you

· Are you a small business that uses LinkedIn (client) – why not use the chat that shares best ways for businesses to use this service on #linkedinchat

My personal favourites are #influencechat and #measurepr – but suggest you look at this larger list to see which ones can help you

Any questions, just chat with me @jonnybentwood


End note: My thanks to Judy Gombita for pointing this list out to me who also wants me to plug Windmill Networking #PR column Wed, Social Capital Byte: Institutionalizing Parity in B2B Relationships

3 Responses to “Twitter Chats – fish where the fish are”

  1. Too funny, I don’t think I asked you to plug my Social Capital Byte column ( but here’s the link: 😉

    Besides a link to that 50 chat list, I also recommended recruiting your B2B partners/clients to participate in corporate Twitter chats.

    Finally, I did a two-part guest blog on last summer, “Teasing out the potential of Twitter chats.” I featured a number of Twitter chats in it, but none that crossover to your list. I remember:


    I’m still a regular participant in most of those chats. Fun to meet you in #influencechat this week…..

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  2. 2 Power Of The TwitterChat: 10 Valuable Reasons Why | Social Media Pearls

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