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When the banking crisis in 2009 caused trust levels throughout the world to plummet to new depths, I believed that we would be in a far better place now six years on. I was wrong. Trust has now receded back to these low figures but with the key missing factor that there has been no […]

We are at a wonderful tipping point in the business of influence analytics. For the first time ever, sociology and technology are colliding enabling us to identify the influence type of an individual by the patterns of their online behaviour. Why understanding influence type is important? In order for PR and marketing professionals to enable […]

Social media week in London provided an excellent opportunity to analyse influence. Too often when there is a breaking story, I whish I could have turned back the clocks by a few days to see how the story originated and spread whilst focussing on who the key people were in the conversation and what they […]

To provide an added balance, Jeremiah Owyang has contributed the view from the analyst’s perspective… To download these images go to Flickr for Analyst Relations (from @jonnybentwood) or Analyst (from @jowyang)

Fishing where the fish are is something that bears have known for years but many folk who use Twitter seem to have forgotten. We cannot simply think our message will be heard by tweeting ourselves which is why we try and target influential people via tools like TweetLevel and BlogLevel. However, this isn’t the only […]

Obviously not meant to be taken seriously – hope you like. For previous puns directed at the analyst community – see: Downfall: Gartner MQ, view on YouTube

I was fortunate enough to spend time with Ray Wang, disruptive analyst supremo at Constellation Research. Taking advantage of finally seeing him in person, I collared him with a microphone and asked him several questions on the area he knows best – the enterprise. This 10 minute podcast explores these questions… What would you define […]

Technology is about disruption. Analysts are about navigating this disruption to help people make sound IT decisions.  Understanding these two statements at least makes me appreciate how Constellation Research has glorified in its own disruptive practices and made analyst firms question their very business model. Constellation are now celebrating their first birthday and what a […]

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